Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cool stuff over at

Some times you meet people and you cant quite make up your mind about them. Some times you meet someone and you instantly tell yourself, "this is a good guy". Craig Steele is the latter for sure! Craig runs a really cool media company based around passionate,wholesome and awesome hunting content. You may recognize some of his work with names like Outdoorsman's Resource Guide, CEI Outdoors and now
He is one of those guys you can just get carried away for hours talking about hunting strategies and stories.  A few weeks ago Craig paid me a huge complement and asked me to be a contributor to his site. I was honored to be enlisted to a team of folks who really share the same passions as my family and I. I will continue to try and keep posts trickling in here on our blog, but I encourage anyone who loves reading about western hunting adventures to follow You can also find Craig on Facebook at or on Instagram @ORGhunt.

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