Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catching up and looking forward

Keeping on top of relevant post, blogging and sharing the stories of all the adventures we go on is not my strong suite... Going on the adventures, now that is a different story! My last post was on the tip of the hunting season last fall; where did the rest of the fall, winter and now spring go? This was a question I had to think of for a while. I did not draw any tags in 2013, but that dang sure doesn't mean I didn't go hunting!

As a hunter, especially in a state where tags are largely based on luck of the draw, its easy to feel bummed out and defeated. Looking back at the last 6 years, I have had only three big game tags in Arizona and one in Utah (albeit they were pretty dang good tags!). Plenty of hunters would love to have been as fortunate as I have in drawing tags. But where I feel the most fortunate is when I look back at all the hunts I have gotten to go on. I love being the guy with the tag, but  also I love being the guy with out the tag. Some of the best memories I have, were on hunts were I was just there to help!

This last fall was one for the books. I got to go on a ton of great adventures with a ton of great people. I know I tend to dwell on this subject but I really feel passionate about the reason I love hunting. I love matching wits with the biggest oldest bull on the mountain but just as much, I love sharing that chase and adventures with people who matter to me.  Before I proceed with my next photo dump from the second part of the 2013 hunts I was on, I have a challenge for you all. Don't be the guy who sulks in your bonus point count but rather go out of your way to help a friend on a hunt. Make it your priority to go on that hunt. Its easy when you are the tag holder to take off work and put your life of hold. Try putting that same level of excitement in to someone ease's adventures. You won't regret it.

 Now here is a real challenge, get your mother in-law to try hunting!

Weston's first elk. We got the whole dang family down that canyon to help with the packout!

 This is what a man looks like after he has just found the ram he has been chasing his whole life.

Draw results are just around the corner for the 2014 elk and antelope season in Arizona. I'm not holding my breath for tags that I might (not) draw, but I am waiting for all the phone calls from really excited friends who drew the tag of their dreams.

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