Monday, August 29, 2011

First Archery Buck

Friday afternoon Eli and I made a run to the woods. He said he was going to spot for me because it was too hard to make a good stalk on crutches. Half hour in we had some bucks. They were quite a ways away  and even farther below us in elevation. Long story short is the stalk took me two hours, I got 116 yards from the small buck and he smelled me, they trotted over the ridge and started feeding, Eli told me to just go on over cause they were just standing there. Well he was right, snuck over the ridge and the two bigger bucks were 90 yards straight down below me. I couldn't tell which one was the one I wanted but I would be happy with either. Drew back and let her fly. Dark was coming fast so as soon as they were out of sight I went to check for my arrow and blood, Eli literally talked me into the exact spot where I found first blood from about a mile away! Got over there and no arrow.... just LOTs of good blood trail. DEAD buck. The next morning Jesse B and Taylor came and helped me finish packing it out. I couldn't be happier and more thankful for my good friends. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fourth in Colorado

On the Thursday before the Fourth, Leah and I decided last minute to go camping in Colorado. We had a quick but awesome trip. We took a lot more pictures but these will have to do for now.

Our camp spot!
 Kona was cold and wet.


 Auto rotate doesn't work.... you get the idea.

Here are some pics from a couple of our ski trips this year. 

Leah and I at the top 
 Telluride from the top
 weston and leah
 The crew: Kyle, Chad, Bethany, Me, Leah, Weston, Jeremy

 Beard sickle
 Bridal vail basin
 Dont ask what chad is wearing but it makes him faster
 This is my hot girls friend

 Leah can fly..... and scream
 chad prepares for impact

More Coues hunting

Wyler's first Coues. He is gonna have a rough time getting bigger each time after this. 

 A nice buck we tried to get dad on but he was on the wrong side of the mountain. 
 the wrong kind a big buck but still fun to watch as he ruts his does.
 Dad whacked a giant on the last day

Catching up

I am far over due for updating pictures here. Leah and I have had a great summer with lots of adventures and pictures to show. We also had a winter since I last posted and I am missing pictures of Wyler's and Dad's coues deer and all of our skiing trips as well as the spring season. So be patient and I am going to try to post back in time a little at at time. 
Lets start with with the December Coues Deer hunt.
Pretty cool petroglyphs!

Rocky mountain big horn ram.

 The worlds biggest rattle snake!
Wyler shot it!
 Nap time.

 Little buck that got to live another day.

 An unbroken bull in December is a rare sight.
 Rarer sight is bulls fighting in December!
Just for the record this is how you glass in style.