Friday, October 29, 2010

Elk hunting with the boys

Jimmy, Ish and Raul all drew early archery bull tags this year! We did absolutely not one day of scouting and they still got it done. I was able to hunt with them for the first 4 days and then came back the second weekend when they killed. We got to see TONS of bulls and had a great time but after 14 days in a wall tent they were ready to go home. They shot these bulls 30 seconds apart at the same waller. They both took about 5 running strides and died. No tracking or packing involved.

 Ish's bull: 388" and Jimmy's; 365"
Heck of a job boys
 My good buddy Eli and his dad have tags for archery deer on the Kiabab this year. Jimmy has two hunters for the same hunt. Jimmy's family came and we just all had one big camp and had a heck of a good time. No one shot deer. But that's not to say they didn't shoot AT deer. We had a great time and saw lots of deer.

 There was a little bit of FOG

 Who knew that deer were blurry?

Lets go back a month or two

 So just to start out here are some pics from my little brother Wyler's Arizona antelope hunt this year.  We did a few days of scouting in the weeks before the hunt. Dad, Wyler and I hunted a total of 3 days before he shot his buck. I was a pretty tough hunt, we didn't see the number of bucks we thought we would but we found this one and got it done. 
 Just a few of the great sunsets and storms we saw.

 Glassing and eating Cheetos

 A couple of bucks on our scouting trips

Just a small buck in the sunset. He was fun to watch.
 Wyler and his trophy
 Wyler and I

Me, Dad and Wyler