Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring time- some quick trips.

We have been blessed to have some pretty spectacular weather lately.. well untill it dropped for 69F to 30F and snowed a few inches, blew like a hurricane, melted and now is back up to 66F... but at any rate its been great to get out and be out side.
Leah and I have had a pretty good streak of spending our weekends out side lately and this last weekend was no exception. Saturday morning Wes and I ran out to the lake to fish for an hour or two, no fish landed but Kona had a good time swimming. Sunday morning we decide to jump to the forest to the west because they have already lifted their seasonal road closures. We had a great ride through the woods. Nothing technical or epic just totally enjoyable. Just what we needed.
Stay tuned next week. Leah Kona and I are headed on a short backpacking trip!

 Kona was swimming after the ducks
 and hunting frogs
 and helping Weston fish

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Draw....

Well, it's over. The draw for elk and lope tags has gone and past and I wasn't picked. I just was thinking this morning how it was almost a relief to NOT get an elk tag. Don't get me wrong I would not have turned one down, but not having one lets me focus on the part of hunting I love most. The people.
Let try not to forget that most of us have more memories of that time in camp where it snowed a foot over night, or rained for 8 days while you all played cards in the wall tent, or that time in camp where all your best friends came out to be the there just to play horse shoes and tell lies about how great they once were. Those are the the ones I love. Getting together with family and friends going out and sleeping in the dirt, walking around in the woods making silly noises and going home with a truck load of memories. Now that sounds like a great time to me.

I am fortunate enough to have several great friends and family members that drew great elk tags and I am really looking forward to! And yall know who you are, and know that I will try my damndest to make it to camp and help where I can.

We got about a month before we see the Deer and Sheep Regulations book come out. So here's to hoping!