Friday, May 3, 2013

Sometimes after work... You just have to go fishing!

Sometimes its just easy to forget how dang lucky and blessed I am. Three days this week I have been able to get off work around 5, run home pick up Weston, Kona  and the fly rods and just go fishing on a whim.
We only fished for an hour each time, but what an hour! Now you have to remember we live in Arizona, not Montana or Idaho where we can catch awesome Browns and Brookies out of every culvert ditch! But we do have some beautiful lakes with a few little Rainbows to be caught. 
Remind your self some times to take advantage of what you the Lord has put around you and don't take it for granted. Get up and enjoy it!
Happy Friday everyone.
Weston and his new found love for float tube fly fishing
 Wes, Kona and their Bounty
 Kona: " Dad what are you doing out there? I'll come see."
 Water Dog!
 Nothin better... well if the fish were bigger maybe...

 Kona swam out to see us every time she saw a splashing fish.

 Leah likes fishing too.  Just for different reasons.

Elk on the way home.