Friday, July 12, 2013

Finding extra motivation

Sometimes it feels like there simply just is not enough time in the day or the week. The usual result of this is we forego activities that we rank in the "fun" or "wish I could.." categories. Sometimes all it takes to fit those just for fun activities back into your busy schedule is to get extra motivated. For me this motivation is in the form of a small bald bearded friend, Clay. We have been making a habit of sneaking out to the woods at very early hours on Friday mornings. Not only have we been getting some (not much but some) exercise but we have gotten to see some cool country and lots of animals in the hay day of their growth for the year. Getting out for just a few hours and glassing up 50+ does and 12 young fuzzy horn bucks is pretty neat when you can still be at work by 8am! I hope to use this motivated mentality to take full advantage of the great weather and long days of summer so that I don't turn around in October and realize how much more I COULD HAVE been doing.