Monday, August 12, 2013

Things are hoppin' around here!

Well it has certainly been an exciting August so far. Obviously most importantly, Leah and I just celebrated our first year of marriage! ( well our official dinner date will be tomorrow). The Fall hunt tags are out in the mail, I got to go Salmon and Steelhead fishing in Portland this last weekend with Dave, Dan, Dugan and Clint (Steff was around also). This coming weekend Leah and I are Paso bound and then the much anticipated Archery Deer season opener the following weekend. I had a birthday some where in there and we have a few other social activities also on the calendar. Its just that time of year where you have no other choice than make it all fit or sit around and mope because you didn't make the effort. We're making it fit.
That little detail I mentioned above about the Fall tags being out is a big one in our house again this year because my dad finally drew an Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep tag after 45-ish years of applying! We are thinking about making this sheep hunting deal an annual event!
I just thought I would make a quick post with  a few pics from our awesome adventures in Oregon. I am very excited for the fall, I have good feelings about how awesome it will be.
Stay tuned for more as we dive in, head first.

 35 lb. Fish and a 15 lb. rod and line! 

 Clint and Travis with the stud Chinook-
 Big fish, awesome friends and a Canyon Cooler, what else to you need?

 Got to love these two
 Dan getting ready to loose an awesome Steelhead