Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kaibab time again.

Well it was a short weekend trip with the Hoffmans, Raul and Wyler but it ended with Awesome results! Jimmy's daughter shot a giant buck! We almost died in the wind the night before, it shredded the ol' teepee tent and just about took the big wall tent down too. She made a good stalk and a great shot. Glad I got to be part of it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little last day buck

My good buddies Eli and Jesse drew general AZ deer tags in a tough unit. It's just tough because it's sooooo big and has a long ways between deer. I was only able to go the last weekend with Eli but we had a ton of fun and got it done on the last morning. We had been practicing on some long range shooting and it paid off big time. Im going to try to embed a video here so lets hope it works.
We found this buck on Saturday afternoon but couldn't get a shot before he snuck out of the country. We glassed the rest of the day and we even saw some elk and Desert Big horns and one old muley shed and a pretty darn nice elk horn. Next morning we found him half mile away and made a little jog to get with in range. The rest is history. Eli made a great shot at 465 yards on his buck.
It was a really great short hunt. Enjoy the pics and hopefully the video.

 A broken bull Eli glassed up.
 Jesse and Eli.
 This was almost a cool picture with the d silhouetted deer and the moon.
 Not a great ram but I was really excited when I found them... just ask Eli. This ram was actually huntable too, that's a rare find.
 Some girl and a baby sheep.
 Eli's buck laying down.